Lien waivers are complicated to say the least. There are several different types, plus states that regulate lien waivers and states who do not. No matter what kind of lien waiver you need or your state’s requirements, GCPay is here to help.

GCPay has significantly improved this process by allowing automation around lien waiver exchange, so general contractors and subcontractors can easily share data back and forth. Plus, you can customize the look and feel of your lien waivers as much as possible.

Our new Digital Signatures feature is available for the signing of lien waivers (where applicable).

  • Customized lien waivers from any state with your own branding

  • Pulls over 70 data points from your ERP eliminating any data entry

  • Easy to use digital acceptance of lien waivers

  • Stop pay apps from being submitted before a lien waiver is attached