Lien waivers can be difficult to say the least. Types of lien waivers include: no lien clauses, lien subordinate clauses, conditional waivers and unconditional waivers, along with others. Plus, there are 12 states that regulate information in lien waivers, while the other 38 states have no regulations.

The biggest complaint we hear from our customers before using GCPay was the collection and signing of lien waivers on time.

GCPay has significantly improved this process by completely automating lien waivers.

  • Customized lien waivers from any state with your own branding

  • Pulls over 70 data points from your ERP eliminating any data entry

  • Easy to use digital acceptance of lien waivers

  • Stop pay apps from being submitted before a lien waiver is attached