We believe in good old fashioned customer service. We’ll guide you through every step of the way and have you up and running and loving GCPay in no time! After that, our customer care team will continue to support you, and even your subcontractors, around the clock – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whatever you need, we are here!

GCPay enabled us to streamline our entire pay app process. We no longer have to chase down lien waivers, or rush to code invoices – they are a thing of the past now! We’ve saved real time and money. The benefits of GCPay are well worth the investment.

Maureen Brennan - Project Accountant, Harvey

GCPay brings tremendous value with almost no learning curve.  GCPay was also embraced internally by our Project Management and Accounting teams, as it brings efficiency to every step of the billing process.

Denise Santos, C.W. Driver

Before we got GCPay, notifying our subs and finalizing requisitions was the BIGGEST headache for us.

Now, our subs are emailed automatically to remind them of their pay app submission date, and our approvers know when they need to take action, which is much more efficient. Better yet, GCPay is simple to use!

Now, the entire pay app process is automated, it’s transparent and saves us untold time, money and frustration.

Benjamin Lawrence - Project Accountant, Lee Kennedy Company

With GCPay it’s so easy for the construction team to review pay apps.

Our subs used to adjust numbers and add unapproved change orders causing a constant battle to tie out totals. That is now a thing of the past.  The system provides complete transparency, in a central location, across the whole payment process.  Plus our accounting department can always see who still needs to approve.

If your subs are not submitting timely billings (or even if they are, actually) GCPay is the solution.

Jessica Bode - Controller, Fore Property Company

Our business has doubled in size and around the country without adding significant manpower in accounting. This would not have been possible without the GCPay platform.

What makes the difference for us is we are working with a partner who is willing to listen and help solve problems as they come along – not just with GCPay but with anything to do with the payment application and subcontractor management process.

Dean O’Brien - Principal Vice President of Finance, FCL Builders

The ops teams that were here before GCPay remember the time we spent entering invoices, reversing them, reclassifying them and tracking down all of the compliance items.  They love GCPay.   GCPay saves time and effort.  It places much of the tracking and posting responsibility back on the sub where it belongs.

Fran O'Sullivan - CFO, Dome Construction