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E.K. Bailey Uses GCPay to Automate & Standardize Their Pay App Process

Founded in 1988 in Ogden, Utah, E.K. Bailey Construction grew from a small, single family home builder to a commercial construction company with 75 employees, becoming one of the most sought-after general contractors in Utah. Their portfolio includes construction work across a wide array of businesses, from retail and restaurants to auto dealerships. We recently had a conversation with Jeff Bolingbroke, E.K. Bailey’s Controller, to explore the benefits they’ve realized over the past three years by using GCPay to simplify their subcontractor payment application process.

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Jeff Bolingbroke


Company Info

Founded in 1988

Headquarted in Odgen, UT

The Challenge



Prior to using GCPay, Jeff and his team were employing a manual, labor-intensive process that was not standardized to manage their payment application submissions from subcontractors. They started to see that more and more of their customers and lenders were requiring conditional lien waivers along with the schedule of values or invoices up front, as well as unconditional waivers after payments were made. Along with that, Jeff tells us things were often miscoded to the wrong jobs and they had an issue with certificate management that surfaced during general liability audits. E. K. Bailey really needed an automated solution that would standardize and manage their collection of invoices, lien waivers and certifications.

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“Our data entry is just a lot more accurate. As soon as the application for payment comes in, it's approved with a click of a button, it's automatically entered in. I click a button and within five seconds it shows up in my accounting system. So, that's pretty impressive if you ask me.”
Jeff Bolingbroke

GCPay + Sage 100

GCPay has been an integration partner with Sage since 2003. This partnership allows for information related to commitments, change orders, and compliance documents to sync automatically with GCPay. Approved applications for payment can be automatically pushed to Accounts Payable. GCPay’s integration with Sage 100 ensures subcontractor commitments and change orders are detailed properly and processed accordingly

Big Benefits 

Jeff was familiar with GCPay from using it as a subcontractor in the past, and a timely outreach from a member of the Sales team started a conversation that eventually triggered E.K. Bailey to make the move to GCPay, allowing them to seamlessly integrate with their ERP solution, Sage 100.  Jeff told us that three things that prompted their decision to use GCPay, “Every subcontractor had their own way of doing things, and we had to decipher multiple methods of invoicing so, the standardization of the pay applications. And then, the lien waiver process. And then, the insurance certificate process. Those three things were really a problem for me. And all three were solved at GCPay.”


Handling between 15 and 20 projects monthly with an average of 15 subcontractors on each project, E.K. Bailey ‘s finance team used to have a full-time accounts payable clerk doing data entry 40 hours a week. Now that most of their pay apps are run through GCPay, that role has decreased to only 20 hours a week. Jeff conveyed “our data entry is just a lot more accurate. As soon as the application for payment comes in, it’s approved with a click of a button, it’s automatically entered in. I click a button and within five seconds it shows up in my accounting system. So, that’s pretty impressive if you ask me.”



"I have had nothing but positive feedback from our subs when they use GCPay"
Jeff Bolingbroke

Subcontractor Experience

When asked how their subcontractors like using GCPay, Jeff tells us that overall, “I have had nothing but positive feedback from our subs when they use GCPay. After they have used it once or twice and become familiar with it, they say “Okay. I’ve done it. Now I know how it goes.  It is really easy to do – super simple.”  Also, because GCPay tells the subs proactively if we are waiting on something like an insurance certificate from them to complete the payment process, it could help them get paid faster.”

Support Response time

Regarding their onboarding experience, Jeff conveys that the GCPay team was super helpful and fixed a few initial programming challenges quite quickly and noted that they’ve had no related issues since. And he has had similar experiences with the GCPay support team, telling us “I have always found them to be super responsive. Someone’s always there to help and get a problem fixed quite quickly. It was fantastic. I never have an issue that’s not been resolved in probably 30 minutes. So, it’s very, very good. 



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Solutions & Results

Wrapping up our conversation, Jeff reiterates the biggest overall benefit of E.K. Bailey using GCPay. “For me, I would go back to the standardization of the pay applications and the lien waiver process. The lien waiver process really was my biggest problem, and GCPay really solved it.”

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