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"The thing that has impressed me most about GC Pay is the tech support. I have never seen a tech support department that was more available, more responsive, and more knowledgeable on any software I have ever used. They are gracious, and extremely helpful to both Subcontractor user and to me. I also like the simplicity of the program. It does what it needs to do and is not overreaching to the point where it is too complicated for the infrequent user."
Donna Herr
Project Coordinator | BN Builders
"From day one the support to get the system up and running and keeping it running every day has been great. Most of our subs love it. And the updates that have come out in the last year just keep improving the product. It just keeps getting better.”
Sherry Campbell
Project Accountant | Cityscape Residential
"I'm so incredibly impressed with GC Pay's responsiveness when placing a call for support. I don't believe I've ever waited more than 2 minutes for someone to answer my call. Also, I get the same person lots of time. I feel like they are my personal rep. They are very courteous and are always able to assist me. I sometimes feel like I'm asking a silly question but they always have the answer. Don't think I've ever had them put me on hold to ask someone else to assist. They are awesome and I tell them this when I call."
Debbie Heaton
AR Coordinator | Parkway Construction

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