What is GCPay?

GCPay is a powerfully simple tool that fully automates the payment application process between general contractors and subcontractors.

Here's how it works.


Fully automate the application for payment process between you and your subcontractors.


Integrate directly with your construction ERP and completely eliminate double data entry.


Keep all of your lien waivers, compliance documents and pay applications in one place.

Here's what we're know for.

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Workflows & Automation

Tired of endless back and forth emails with missing lien waivers, incorrect spreadsheets and supporting documentation? The application for payment processes between general contractors and subcontractors needs to be simplified.

Creating and Exchanging Lien Waivers

Lien waivers are complicated. There are several different types, plus states that regulate lien waivers and states who do not. No matter what kind of lien waiver you need or what your state requires—we can help.

Collaboration & Compliance

Things change fast on a job site.

Endless back and forth emails make communication tough. Change orders occur, miscommunication takes place and everything breaks down.

ERP Integrations

We know how important your ERP or accounting system is to your business. As the single source of truth for all your contract and job data, it’s vital to work from your ERP system first. GCPay was created with this in mind. We knew the ability to push and pull information from this system would be critical.

Electronic Payments

We hold the lien waiver in escrow so you can view a signed copy before ever releasing payments. Let us do the work for you. ACH payments take the pain out of the managed waiver exchange process and get your subs paid faster.

Custom Reports

GCPay provides users with an easy to use dashboard so at a glance you can see exactly what has been approved and what is still outstanding and many other details that are pertinent to the application of payment process.

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