Create AIA Document G702/G703 forms in GCPay

Through the partnership with AIA Contract Documents, general contractors can now require subcontractors to submit official AIA Document G702/G703 pay app forms on any designated projects. Easily satisfy owner’s requirements while maintaining the automated pay app process through this innovative collaboration.

Eliminate Subcontractor Calculation Mistakes

With our pay application, GCPay catches calculation errors before they ever happen; ensuring that your application for payment is always precise, AIA-compliant and error-free.

Receive official AIA Document G702/G703 forms

Require subcontractors to submit official AIA Document G702/G703 pay app forms on any designed projects to enhance compliance and standard practices.

Save Time on Data Entry with ERP integrations

Reduce data entry hassles by directly importing jobs, contracts, and change orders within your ERP using our pay application software. Streamline the entire application for payment process in construction and improve efficiency. 

Save Up To 70% Of Your Time with Automated, and AIA-compliant Pay Application Processing

Increase the number of jobs you can take on without increasing accounting staff. Our software automates AIA forms with pay application workflows, allowing you to handle more projects with ease 

Automate lien waiver exchanges so you can easily share information with your subcontractors

  • Check and approve locked lien waivers. Review the signed copy before releasing payment, all within our streamline system.
  • Create customized lien waivers with your branding. Showcase your professionalism and maintain a consistent image with personalized lien waivers.
  • Guarantee receipt of waivers. Ensure all parties receive their copies promptly for smooth transactions. 
  • Manage any state requirements. No matter where your project is, our software adapts to comply with the specific state regulations.
  • View audit trails. Keep track of every action and ensure transparency throughout the lien waiver exchange process.
  • Notify subs when they need to sign a waiver. Automated reminders keep the process on track and avoid unnecessary delays. 

Built-in AIA Document G702/G703 forms to satisfy necessary compliance requirements

  • Require official AIA forms for all pay apps
  • Satisfy owner requirements easily within GCPay
  • Add compliance to pay app processing by using official G702/G703 forms
  • Eliminate the need to process official pay app forms outside of the current process
  • Add official AIA conditional lien waivers to your automated pay app procedure
Dome Construction


Dome Construction

Since implementing GCPay, Dome’s processing time for payment applications has been cut down to nearly nothing. Invoices can be reviewed or submitted from anywhere. Not to mention the ERP integration that has made their processes smoother than ever. Dome no longer tracks down emails regarding change orders or compliance documentation. 

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