Remote Lien Waiver Notarization

MEET RON. AKA, Remote Online Notary

Subcontractors can now notarize waivers through our integration with Notarize.com. Subs simply click Notarize in the waiver options to be connected with a certified online notary.

notarize report and an image of a woman a cell phone

Legal in all 50 states

Notarize 24/7 by video

Legally Notarize Waivers 100% Online

GCPay has partnered with Notarize, the industry leader in Remote Online Notarization (RON) so users can notarize documents from the comfort and safety of their desk.

Our SaaS-based platform makes it easy to control what is required from the subcontractor before even letting them submit the application for payment. Our built-in automation capability lets you customize workflows that makes sense for your company. Manage routing of pay app approvals, collection of lien waivers and compliance documents—to get your subcontractor paid faster and on time.

We know that every general contractor has their own processes and workflows that work for them. GCPay gives you the flexibility to get as granular as you want to meet your needs.

Notarize Fees:

Fees are paid directly to Notarize. GCPay users benefit from reduced wait times and a direct integration that automates the movement of documents between systems.

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