Sage ERP integration with GCPay

The GC’s Guide to Sage ERP and GCPay Integration

The right software solution means the difference between wasted time and time well spent. It’s the difference between paying your sub on time or experiencing significant project delays.

The right software solutions should accelerate and simplify your construction business’s processes. For many general contractors, that starts with a complete integration between your ERP and payment application software. An ERP-Pay App integration is beneficial for contractors who want to boost productivity and improve business insights.

Construction ERP Software

The global ERP market was valued at $39.34 billion in 2019 and is estimated to hit $86.30 billion by 2027.

A construction ERP is the backbone of your business – it lets you monitor your projects in real-time and helps you control budget and expenses. Construction ERP software supports all aspects of your business – planning, project management, and costs.

A construction ERP system enables:

  • One source of truth
  • Accurate forecasts and project management
  • Real-time views of project statuses and track tasks
  • Visibility to opportunities and risks for each of your projects
  • Analysis of contracts, purchases, projects, and materials to avoid delays
  • Reduced technical costs and improved workflows

Did you know? Every 30 minutes a new company chooses Sage’s construction accounting technology to create greater operator efficiencies.

Construction Pay App Software

Because of the growing adoption of software by construction firms to increase efficiency and accountability, many general contractors are implementing a modern way to manage applications for payment. Payment management software streamlines the entire subcontractor application for payment process.

Pay app software digitizes your endless paperwork, facilitates collaboration between multiple parties, and provides immediate visibility into cash flow.

With payment application software, your construction business can:

  • Create jobs based on the projects in your ERP
  • Push subcontractor commitments and change orders automatically
  • Ensure compliance & avoid unnecessary adjudication
  • Eliminate posting errors and omissions
  • Reduce processing time
  • Ensure billing values never exceed contract amounts
  • Guarantee the receipt of lien waivers

GCPay is a cloud-based construction payment application software that increases collaboration and visibility. Software as service (SaaS) solutions offer speed, agility, and adaptability.

Manual processes have troubled the construction industry – time lost on redundant paperwork and chasing down accurate information. G2 research says that 35% of construction professionals’ time is spent on non-productive tasks like looking for information and redoing work. Pay app platforms will help you eliminate those inefficiencies.


Seamless Integration

According to Sage, contractors are increasingly comfortable with IT – whether that’s file-sharing sites, project collaboration software, payment application automation, or the use of mobile technology.

Prior to the pandemic, only 3% of contractors said they had no plan to use mobile technology software. I can only guess that this number shrunk since the stay-at-home orders in 2020.

While ERP and payment application software are separate systems, integrating the solutions will streamline your business processes. You can improve your pay app process, get paid faster, prevent overbillings, and make sure all paperwork is submitted. You can automate the transfer of critical financial data between GCPay and Sage.

As a part of Sage’s product portfolio, GCPay provides additional payment functionality to Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, Sage 100 Contractor, and Sage Intacct for Construction users. The relationship between GCPay and Sage has been going strong for more than 15 years… GCPay’s first customer was a Sage 300 CRE user!

“Managing subcontractor invoicing and payment processes is a source of frustration for many construction firms,” says Dustin Anderson, vice president of Sage Construction and Real Estate.

It’s time to eliminate your biggest issues:

  • Overbilling and math errors
  • Unapproved change orders
  • Missing lien waivers
  • Hand-keying and double entry to/from ERP
  • Expired compliance documents

Let’s focus on solving for expired compliance documents: Because of the direct API integration, GCPay pulls in compliance documents with expiration dates. So, if you’re tracking compliance in Excel or it’s on your team to let subs know documents are expiring – GCPay fully eliminates that. With the integration, we know compliance docs various expiration dates and will notify subs before it expires. You can even block approval or hold payment until the updated documents are completed.

Anderson also says that Sage’s partnership with GCPay reduces common pain points and advances a more accurate subcontractor payment process. The seamless integration between Sage and GCPay helps general contractors simplify the invoice and payment process.

GCPay chief operating officer Daniel Brunelli says he’s excited for the Sage construction community to experience the benefits of GCPay. He adds, “For almost 20 years, GCPay has been helping contractors reduce the stacks of paper and hours of time associated with managing subcontractor pay app process. We’re committed to making the construction payment process as easy as possible for more than 40,000 construction firms today.”

Sage and GCPay Integration Success

“We probably save half a day, every day. It’s 20-25 hours a week where someone on my team doesn’t have to be manually entering data,” explains one Sage 300 CRE customer. Most GCPay customers say they can take on 2x+ more projects without adding headcount in the organization.

Imagine the benefits you’ll gain with this integration…

  1. Eliminate posting errors and omissions
  2. Slash processing time
  3. View accurate and on-demand project reports and financials
  4. Automate notifications so projects stay up to date
  5. Improve relationships with subs through better documentation
  6. Validate current commitment amounts between GCPay and Sage
  7. Automate compliance tracking
  8. Provide specific lien waivers based on project specifications
  9. Ensure contractors’ billing values never exceed contract amounts

The main purpose of an ERP – payment application software integration is to create a central source of accurate data. At GCPay, we’ve delivered customized integrations to Sage ERP customers to eliminate manual entry, improve decision making, and advance data accuracy.

watch this webinar for more information on gCPay & Sage:


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