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Dome Construction Increases Efficiency and Transparency using GCPay for subcontractor management

Dome Construction is celebrating their 50-year anniversary as one of leading construction firms in San Francisco, California. They are committed to their relationships with their clients and their contractor and vendor partners. From office buildings to hospitals, Dome Construction has made a name for themselves as reliable, consistent builders.

Dome has been using GCPay in their payment application and lien release processing since 2012. 

We recently sat down with their Billing Supervisor, Carmina Cardenas, to learn more about Dome’s experience with subcontractor payment before and after adding GCPay to their workflow.

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Carmina Cardenas

Accounting Supervisor

Company Info

Founded in 1969

Headquarted in San Francisco, CA

The Challenge

Before adopting GCPay, all of Dome’s subcontractors were expected to email their applications for payment to the construction administrator – just one person! – and await approval.

Often the AFPs were put together in the field, and may not have had up-to-date information on the latest change orders. After the construction admin received the invoice, each project manager would have to review the AFPs for their jobs. If there were rejections or edits, the project manager would email the subs asking for changes. This created a web of communication that was impossible to track. 

Lien release tracking was a bottleneck in the payment process. Subs were required to submit their lien waivers with their application for payment, but if they failed to do so, all PMs could do was email them back and await the proper documentation. There was no way a manual system could successfully track these various email strings nor make it easy to call up compliance documents as needed.

For Dome, the most difficult process (prior to GCPay) was the lack of transparency for their subcontractors. Subs consistently reached out to find out the status of an invoice or change order, only to find it had been delayed by a rejection the sub was unaware of. 

As Carmina explains, “We wanted to be able to offer more visibility to our subs, but we had no way to do that with our process being entirely manual.” Offering transparency for pay apps without more man hours was crucial for Dome.

“In order to keep up in this industry, you have to be as lean and competitive as possible. We couldn’t afford the manual processes with invoices and compliance documents anymore.”
Carmina Cardenas
Accounting Supervisor

GCPay + Viewpoint Vista

GCPay is the leading subcontract management platform for automating invoicing, compliance and lien waiver management functions. GCPay is compatible with any computer, tablet or mobile device, allowing both office and field employees to increase efficiency while reducing costs in the management of their subcontracts. GCPay has been an integration partner with Viewpoint’s Vista product since 2012. 

This partnership allows for information within Vista relating to subcontracts, change orders, and compliance to sync automatically with GCPay every 30 minutes. Payment applications that have been approved in GCPay can be exported directly into Vista as AIA invoices with Vista’s import module. GCPay’s integration with Vista ensures subcontractor invoices and change orders are detailed properly and processed accordingly.

Decision Making

Carmina recalls that Dome’s billing manager met GCPay representatives at the Viewpoint conference in 2012, and signed on with GCPay shortly thereafter. Carmina notes, “The billing manager came back and was like, ‘we need this in our life!’”

One of the key selling points for the Dome team is the subcontractors’ ability to submit their invoice through GCPay and see feedback along the way. The subs have full control of their applications for payment and they have full awareness of the stages in the process. If an invoice or change order is rejected, they can see the notes right away and make adjustments. The program even notifies them.

From the business side, the Dome team loved the audit trail feature. “We knew we’d see every invoice that’s been submitted, and see who had touched it or made edits along the way, which would be monumental in our tracking process,” Carmina says. The audit trail functionality means the billing team and project managers don’t have to track each invoice manually.


Solutions & Results

Since using GCPay for several years, Dome’s processing time for payment applications has been cut down to nearly nothing. Invoices can be reviewed or submitted from anywhere. Not to mention the ERP integration that has made their processes smoother than ever. Dome no longer tracks down emails regarding change orders or compliance documentation. 

“Whatever is in GCPay is reflected in Viewpoint, and vice versa,” Carmina tells us. “The integration means no mistakes and no guesswork.” And, it’s fast. “What once took days now literally takes zero time because it’s already done in GCPay.” 

Carmina says GCPay improved more than just their subcontractor payment processing and compliance tracking. “GCPay is fast, it’s easy, it’s something we can rely on. It’s made us a better general contractor. It truly changed everything,” Carmina adds. 

Lastly, Dome Construction cannot emphasize enough how much their subcontractors love working in GCPay.  “Subs always know where they are in the payment application process, and they get paid on time because GCPay is perfectly accurate,” Carmina says. 

Subs are actually happy with the invoicing process, which makes them want to work with Dome again and again. Dome continues to build relationships with their subs that get stronger over time.

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