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effective automation: Pay App & Purchase Order Process

Serving Mid-Atlantic clients for over 110 years, Warfel Construction, based in Lancaster County, PA, is a general contractor with a client base in a variety of industries, including senior living communities, education, and healthcare. While they’ve been in business for over a century, they are definitely not set in their ways — Warfel started using GCPay about 6 years ago to simplify and automate the way they process payment applications.

We recently spoke with 3 members of Warfel’s team, Tony Smith, VP of Finance, Alan Ault, Accounting Manager, and Daniele Bullard, Project Administrator, to understand exactly how they benefit from using GCPay.

In the past, the accounting team gathered lien waivers and compliance documentation manually. In 2016, Warfel decided to automate their pay app and purchase order process by moving to GCPay to save time and gain efficiency.

GCPay customer _ Warfel Construction
Tony Smith

VP of Finance

Alan Ault

Accounting Manager

Daniele Bullard

Project Administrator

Company Info

Founded in 1911

Headquarted in East Petersburg, PA

The Benefits

Warfel Construction sees many benefits with GCPay. “Working through processing an invoice and knowing we can do that all from one place is helpful, such as checking to see if waivers have come in and not having to bother the accounting team to see what has been submitted.”

GCPay’s integration with Viewpoint Vista allows Warfel to have the compliance and SOV documentation they need in their ERP system automatically, pulling information back and forth to eliminate double data entry.

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GCPay + Viewpoint Vista

GCPay and Viewpoint have been integration partners since 2012. This partnership allows for information within Vista relating to subcontracts, change orders, and compliance to sync automatically with GCPay. The integration ensures subcontractor invoices and change orders are detailed properly and processed accordingly, plus eliminates the need to enter contract and invoice data twice.

Customer Service = #1 Benefit

Daniele says that the biggest benefit “is the customer service” and how available and responsive they are, “especially with subs that maybe aren’t as great with technology.” GCPay’s support team is available 24/7 and can walk the sub through everything step by step. “So, that’s helpful to Warfel and our subs. I think it’s beneficial that we can stuff on behalf of the subs,” she adds.

Currently, Warfel engages with between 10 to 30 subcontractors and vendors on a typical project. When subs are told they’ll use GCPay for a project, Daniele tell us that most of the subs are receptive. And, if it’s their first time, “they find it easy to use once they get in there and access it,” she notes. 

Another benefit – Warfel likes that they don’t have to charge partners and subcontractors to use GCPay.

Warfel construction _ commercial projects using gcpay

The Value of Automation

In terms of what value GCPay brings to Warfel, Alan says he can’t imagine a situation where they wouldn’t use a product like GCPay for compliance.

“If we were doing this manually, we would never be as productive as we are now. We enjoy GCPay’s easy-to-use interface and exceptional customer support.”

And, Tony adds, as their company experiences significant growth, they feel like GCPay is able to keep up with the growth and is a platform that can grow with us. “GCPay’s automated process helps our project team and internal teams keep focused on other parts of digesting that growth.”

"If we were doing this manually, we would never be as productive as we are now. We enjoy GCPay's easy-to-use interface and exceptional customer support."
Payment Application GCPay Customer Quote
Alan Ault
Accounting Manager, Warfel Construction

GCPay for the Win!

What would they tell a fellow GC considering GCPay? The Warfel team agreed that GCPay completely streamlines the entire application for payment process, provides time savings and accuracy, allows you to cover subcontractor fees, is easy for subs to use, and offers great customer service for both the GC and the subs.

“GCPay makes a ton of sense!,” adds Alan.

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