Electronic Payments

 We hold the lien waiver in escrow so you can view a signed copy before ever releasing payments. Let us do the work for you. ACH payments take the pain out of the managed waiver exchange process and get your subs paid faster.

Stop Chasing Unconditional Lien Waivers

Subcontractors are required to submit a locked waiver with their payment application.

Review Locked Lien Waivers

Review and approve the locked waiver before money ever leaves your pocket.

Delete your subs pay information

Subcontractors submit their bank info directly in GCPay so you don’t need to track it down.

Goodbye to Paper Checks

No more stuffing envelopes, issuing stop payments and reconciling lost checks.

Make writing checks a thing of the past.

With GCPay, you can administer payment through our platform via ACH, cutting down the time it takes to create and mail paper checks. This simple feature speeds up the pay app process, getting your subs paid faster and keeping your supply chain happy.

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