Automated Electronic Payments

GCPay holds the lien waiver in escrow so you can view a signed copy before releasing payment. ePayments take the pain out of the managed waiver exchange process and get your subs paid faster.

ePayment and Waiver Release with Subcontractor Payment Software

Track Down Unconditional Waivers

Require your subs to submit a locked waiver with their payment application.

Review Subcontractors' Locked Lien Waivers

Review and approve locked waivers before money ever leaves your pocket.

Delete your subcontractors billing information

Subs submit their bank info into GCPay so you don’t need to ask for it.

Say Goodbye to processing Paper checks

No more stuffing envelopes, issuing stop payments, or reconciling lost checks.

"I love how seamlessly GCPay syncs back to our system. It keeps subs from being able to bill for change orders that are not approved yet. It is also very intuitive so team members catch on quickly."
Payment Application GCPay Customer Quote
Administrator in Construction
G2 Review

Writing Checks Are a Thing of the Past

GCs Spend 20+ Hours Per Month On The Payment & Waiver Exchange Process

  • Administer payment through GCPay via ePayment 
  • Official copies of lien waivers will be delivered in real time once payment receipt from sub
  • No risk – Data is collected and stored in GCPay
  • Cut down the time it takes to create and mail paper checks

This simple feature speeds up the payment application process so that your subcontractors get paid faster.

You can pay all approved pay applications quickly, easily, and securely through GCPay's electronic funds transfer (also known as ACH).

You can pay all approved pay applications quickly, easily, and securely through GCPay’s electronic funds transfer (also known as ePayment).

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