Automated Subcontractor Payment Software

Managing construction payments just got easier with GCPay’s advanced subcontractor payment software. Our platform simplifies the payment and lien waiver exchange process, ensuring swift and hassle-free transactions.


ePayment and Waiver Release with Subcontractor Payment Software

Simplify Waiver Management

Require your subs to submit locked waivers alongside their payment applications. This step supported by our cutting edge construction payment management software, ensures transparency and compliance.

Secure and Streamlined Waiver Approvals

Effortlessly review and approve locked waivers before disbursing funds. This feature, integrated into our subcontractor payment software, guarantees that funds are released only when necessary conditions are met. 

Simplified Banking Information Collection

Bid farewell to the hassle of collecting subcontractors banking information separately. GCPay streamlines the process by allowing subcontractors to securely submit their bank details, eliminating the need for manual collection.

Say Goodbye to processing Paper checks

No more stuffing envelopes, issuing stop payments, or reconciling lost checks.

"I love how seamlessly GCPay syncs back to our system. It keeps subs from being able to bill for change orders that are not approved yet. It is also very intuitive so team members catch on quickly."
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Transforming Construction Payment Management

Embrace unparalleled efficiency by integrating GCPay’s electronic payment solution into your workflow. Revolutionize how you manage payments and waivers, reducing administrative burdens and enhancing collaboration across the board. With GCPay, experience:

      • Time Savings: Trim down over 20 hours per month spent on payment and waiver exchanges, allowing your team to focus on more strategic tasks.

      • Real Time Waivers: Seamlessly process ePayments while receiving official lien waivers in real-time as soon as subcontractor payments are confirmed.

      • Data Security: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your sensitive payment data is securely stored within GCPay, minimising risks tied to conventional methods.

      • Streamlined Process: Say Goodbye to the tedious chore of creating, issuing, and mailing paper checks. Streamlined electronic payments expedite the application process for subcontractors, resulting in faster payments.

Transform the way you manageconstruction payments, experience GCPay’s comprehensive and efficient platform today.

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