Streamline Approval Workflows & Pay App Automation

Tired of endless emails with missing lien waivers, incorrect spreadsheet, or forgotten supporting documentation? Automate your application for payment processes.

Eliminate Subcontractor
Calculation Mistakes

GCPay catches calculation errors before they ever happen.

Automate email reminders to your subcontractors

Ensure subcontractors submit their payment applications on time.

Save Time
on Data Entry with eRP integrations

Reduce data entry, import jobs, contracts and change orders directly within your ERP.

Save Up To 70% Of Your Time

Increase the number of jobs you can take on without increasing accounting staff.

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Streamline Your application for payment process

Our SaaS-based platform makes it easy to control what’s required from the subcontractor before they submit the application for payment.

Built-in automation lets you customize workflows that make sense for your company. Manage routing of pay app approvals, collection of lien waivers and compliance documents—to get your subcontractor paid faster and on time.

We know that every general contractor has their own processes and workflows that work for them. GCPay gives you the flexibility to get granular to meet your needs.

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“GCPay has helped with our long-term relationships with subcontractors. We are building stronger business relationships because working with GCPay makes everyone’s lives so much easier.”
Payment Application GCPay Customer Quote
James Streeter
Accounts Payable Manager, Westland Construction

Get Your Subs Paid on Time & Keep Projects moving

Standardize the application for payment process for commercial construction companies.

Pay your subs on time with custom waiver templates generated from payment applications and  project data.

Batch transactions and easily make paperless payments through GCPay with electronic funds transfer. Review unconditional waivers before any money is paid.

Integrate with your ERP to ensure all areas of accounting and finance are communicating from a single source.

Architect Explain Project Plan To Builder Contractor On Constuction Site

Owner Billing Functionality

GCPay’s owner billing functionality clearly shows you what’s been billed, what’s left on retention, and which waivers are outstanding.

Owners can have GCs submit pay apps, lien waivers and compliance in the system.

General contractors can create an Owner SOV and Owner pay app in the system.

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Making a difference for commercial contractors

Find out how other general contractors use our payment application solution to solve their biggest challenges.

Cityscape Residential payment applications case study

Improve subcontractor collaboration and partnerships

“The difference between what we were doing on paper and what we are doing now is like night and day. It’s totally changed our approach.”

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Alcorn construction pay apps process case study

import a month’s worth of
data in one go

“Rather than handling each transaction separately, with GCPay, we can do one big import. One touch instead of multiple. That’s efficiency.”

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Verdad case study payment applications construction software management

A New Way to Handle Payment Applications

“Before GCPay, our process caused a lot of delays and created tension with the AP department. Without GCPay, we’d probably hire more people.”

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