Automate your Construction Payment Application Processing

Eliminate the manual work associated with subcontractor pay applications. (Yes, that means no more chasing down lien waivers!) Commercial construction teams love GCPay because it automates your application for payment processes.

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Prevent Subs from Overbilling

Catch calculation errors and reduce rework on subcontractor invoices.

Create Your Audit Trail

Handle compliance documents, audit trail and alerts in one system.

Integrate Your Accounting System

Eliminate double data entry with a seamless transfer of data with your ERP system.

Centralize Your Pay App Information

Automate construction payments without going back-and-forth on email.

Never email another Pay Application

Take the hassle out of lien waiver management, invoices, and compliances. You and your project team can spend your time doing what you do best.

"If we were doing this manually, we would never be as productive as we are now. We enjoy GCPay's easy-to-use interface and exceptional customer support."
Payment Application GCPay Customer Quote
Alan Ault
Accounting Manager, Warfel Construction
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With construction payment application software you can easily...
  • Pay your subs on time with custom waiver templates generated from payment applications and project data.


  • Batch transactions and make paperless payments through electronic funds transfer. Review unconditional waivers before any money is paid.

  • Integrate with your ERP to ensure all areas of accounting and finance are communicating from a single source.

How GCPay Works for General Contractors

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Digital Notary

GCPay works with Notarize, the industry leader in Remote Online Notarization (RON) so users can notarize documents from the comfort and safety of their desk.

You can control what’s required from the subcontractor before even letting them submit the application for payment.

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Architect Explain Project Plan To Builder Contractor On Constuction Site

Owner Billing Functionality

GCPay’s owner billing functionality clearly shows you what’s been billed, what’s left on retention, and which waivers are outstanding.

Owners can have GCs submit pay apps, lien waivers and compliance in the system.

General contractors can create an Owner SOV and Owner pay app in the system.

“Our processing time for subcontractor accounting has gone from five days a month to less than a day.”
Payment Application GCPay Customer Quote
Desiree Albano
Program Manager, BNBuilders

GCPay is a cloud-based construction payment application software. That means all your projects are in one place so you can manage, track, and collaborate on every job.

Your team can access your data and documents anytime and anywhere!

General contractors in commercial construction, vertical construction, and / or multifamily development are the best GCPay buyers. Your subcontractors do NOT have to pay to use the software.

There’s no limit on subcontractor users in GCPay.

Onboarding times vary depending on the scope of your construction business, but we typically have you (and your subcontractors) up and running in less than 3 months.

You bet — Our customers mean a lot to us – so we answer your calls and reply to your emails as soon as possible.

We have 24/7 bilingual support, so you’ll never be left hanging!

While our application for payment solution is simple, it’s varied. General contractors have different needs. Once we learn yours, we can provide pricing.

Book time for a demo to learn more about our pricing.

Pay Application Automation: Tips for You

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