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ANDRES Discovers Subcontractor Pay App Management Success with GCPay

ANDRES Construction is a value-driven builder based in Dallas, Texas. ANDRES sets the standard for general contractors in their region with construction management, design build services, restoration, and more. Through collaboration and community, ANDRES makes a big impact from pre-construction through project completion. ANDRES has been using GCpay for their subcontractor management and payment processing since 2011.

We sat down with Warren Andres, President of ANDRES Construction, and Debbie Rollins, the company’s Controller, to learn how GCPay streamlines their pay app workflow.

Warren Andres


Debbie Rollins


Company Info

Founded in 1991

Headquarted in Dallas, TX

The Challenge

Before getting started with GCPay, the ANDRES Construction team processed each application for payment manually.

The pay app was manually compared to the commitment data in Sage 300, then the team input the information in the payment application by hand. The process was painstaking and slow. They often experienced issues with inconsistent subcontract amounts, whether transposed from last month or billing against unapproved change orders.

Lien waivers presented another problem. The ANDRES team estimates that lien waivers were returned with incorrect data 85% of the time with their old process.

“For us, GCPay equals better time management.
It’s incredibly easy to use the program."
Debbie Rollins

GCPay + Sage 300 CRE

GCPay has been an integration partner with Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate since 2003. This partnership allows for information related to commitments, change orders, and compliance documents to sync automatically with GCPay. Approved applications for payment can be automatically pushed to Accounts Payable. GCPay’s integration with Sage 300 ensures subcontractor commitments and change orders are detailed properly and processed accordingly

Decision Making

The ANDRES team always looks for ways to be more efficient. They knew their slow payment application processing wasn’t ideal. ANDRES was thrilled when they were introduced to the GCPay pay app solution. The ease of processing pay apps and matching data within their ERP is what ultimately convinced them to sign on with the platform. 

The onboarding process was simple for ANDRES. Plus, Warren says, “the subcontractors caught on quick and liked the ease of GCPay” versus other pay app software they had researched or used previously. They quickly adopted GCPay across all their projects.


Solutions & Results

Since GCPay, the ANDRES accounting team is much happier. They save valuable time by managing less physical paperwork which speeds up their processing time. Plus, they love that their subcontractors enjoy using GCPay. 

The ANDRES team is impressed with the GCPay’s ERP integration with Sage 300 CRE. They no longer spend time manually checking contract amounts, previously billed amounts, or retainage because the integration ensures the data is always correct. And, there’s no need to enter the payment amount into Sage 300 by hand since it’s already updated. 

“With GCPay, it just takes one click for all our pay requests to be processed.” It doesn’t get much faster than that! The accounting team has also come to rely on the lien waiver functionality with GCPay; the ability to have all lien waivers downloaded and uploaded within GCPay with all the correct information has helped them save time and reduce risk. 

Sending documents back and forth to be manually updated is a problem of the past!

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