Create & Exchange Digital Lien Waivers With Ease

Lien waivers can be a complicated headache for any construction project, involving various types and varying regulations across states. However, with our construction lien waiver software, managing subcontractor lien waivers becomes a breeze. Take advantage of our lien management solutions to streamline the process and keep your projects moving forward. 

Customized Lien Waiver Templates

Create custom lien waiver templates. You can pull in 80+ data points directly from GCPay.

No more missing lien waivers

Make it a requirement for subs to submit a lien waiver with their payment applications.

Expedite the review process

Know every waiver is populated with accurate data and signed without modification. 

Exchange Lien Waivers Electronically

Save valuable time and resources by creating, sending and tracking notarized lien waivers from a single, user-friendly system. Our notarized lien waivers are compliant in all states that require them to be, providing peace of mind and legal validity. 

Automate lien waiver exchanges so you can easily share information with your subcontractors

  • Check and approve locked lien waivers. Review the signed copy before releasing payment, all within our streamline system.
  • Create customized lien waivers with your branding. Showcase your professionalism and maintain a consistent image with personalized lien waivers.
  • Guarantee receipt of waivers. Ensure all parties receive their copies promptly for smooth transactions. 
  • Manage any state requirements. No matter where your project is, our software adapts to comply with the specific state regulations.
  • View audit trails. Keep track of every action and ensure transparency throughout the lien waiver exchange process.
  • Notify subs when they need to sign a waiver. Automated reminders keep the process on track and avoid unnecessary delays. 
Waivers are probably the nicest universal benefit. The contract/payment values and project specific details are automated on the waiver, reducing mistakes that previously would have resulted in revision requests, which would slow down the client application submittal process, and ultimately, the payment process to the subcontractor too.
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Vince Montemurro
CFO, Riley Construction

ePayment & Waiver Exchange

  • Generate unconditional lien waivers in exchange for payment, and reduce the risk of disruption to the entire supply chain.
  • Payments are automatically restricted if compliance requirements (say, insurance) are not met. In fact, you and your subs receive alerts prior to this occurring.

Digital Notary

GCPay’s online notary accepts documents from any states without any issue-it’s compliant in all 50 states. This allows you to notarize your pay application and lien waivers without leaving your desk. The process is simple and efficient:

  • Click on the notarize link within our secure platform.
  • Connect to an online notary agent.
  • Electronically sign the documents.
  • Receive fully notarized documents without hassle.

GCPay's Digital Signature feature:

electronically sign all lien waivers

We know the headaches lien waivers can cause, especially when time is of the essence for paying subcontractors. Our construction lien waiver software eliminates this problem, allowing you to focus on what really matters. Our ePayment feature takes the pain out of managing the waiver exchange process and helps you pay your subs faster:

  • Stop chasing unconditionals: Subs are required to submit a locked waiver with their payment application.
  • Review locked lien waiver: Review and approve the locked waiver before money leaves your pocket.
  • Delete your subs pay info: Subs submit their bank information in GCPay so you don’t need to track it down.
  • Say goodbye to paper checks: No more stuffing envelopes, issuing stop payments or reconciling lost checks.

Protect Your Projects

GCPay’s construction payment management software is focused on these 3 areas to keep projects moving forward:





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