Create & Exchange Lien Waivers

Lien waivers are complicated to say the least. There are several different types, plus states that regulate lien waivers and states who do not.

Customized Lien Waivers

Generate custom lien waiver templates with over 80 data points pulled directly from GCPay.

missing lien waivers

Guarantee the receipt of lien waivers and make it a requirement when submitting payment applications.

Expedite the review process

Rest assured knowing waivers were populated with accurate data and signed without modification. 

Improve Your Lien Waiver Exchange Process

GCPay reduces risk in real time. It eliminates exposure to fraud and the need to store critical information on-site; everything is stored in the GCPay cloud platform. Generate unconditional lien waivers in exchange for payment, and reduce the risk of disruption to the entire supply chain. Payments are automatically restricted if compliance requirements (say, insurance) are not met. In fact, you and your subs receive alerts prior to this occurring.

GCPay significantly improves the process by allowing automation around lien waiver exchanges so general contractors and subcontractors can easily share data back and forth. Plus, you can customize the look and feel of your lien waivers as much as possible.

Lien Waiver Management
Automated Lien Waiver Management
Automate lien waiver exchanges so you can easily share information with your subcontractors.
  • Check and approve locked lien waivers (you view the signed copy before releasing payment)
  • Create customized lien waivers with your branding
  • Guarantee receipt of waivers
  • Manage any state requirements
  • View audit trails
  • Notify subs when they need to sign a waiver
Waivers are probably the nicest universal benefit. The contract/payment values and project specific details are automated on the waiver, reducing mistakes that previously would have resulted in revision requests, which would slow down the client application submittal process, and ultimately, the payment process to the subcontractor too.
Payment Application GCPay Customer Quote
Vince Montemurro
CFO, Riley Construction
We also offer a Digital Signature feature to electronically sign all lien waivers

We know the headaches lien waivers can cause when you need to get your subs paid on time. We’ll help you eliminate this problem so you can focus on what really matters.