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Notarization made quick and easy with GCPay

Bloom Construction, an excavation company in Central Oregon, focuses on the removal of dirt and rocks to ready building sites for their next phase of construction. They use GCPay software to submit their payment applications to the general contractors they work for. Part of the application for payment process is to have both the application and the lien waiver for each job notarized before the documents are uploaded into the system.

We spoke to Gail Bloom, the company’s Office Manager, about the benefits of using GCPay’s Remote Online Notary feature to quickly and seamlessly get her documents notarized from wherever she works. 

Gail Bloom

Officer Manager

Company Info

Founded in 2008

Headquarted in Central Oregon


Once a time-consuming process

Prior to using the notary feature in GCPay, notarizing documents was time-consuming.

When Gail needed applications and lien waivers notarized, she would go to the bank to see if a notary was available. Since many times there wasn’t someone there to help her, Gail would drive 30 minutes each way to another notary to get the documents authenticated.

The COVID-19 shutdown made it very difficult to find anyone who could help. When Gail became aware of the digital notary option in GCPay, she knew she had to try it!  

"This is cool! I have to try this."
Gail Bloom
Bloom Construction

Notarization made quick and easy

Now, without leaving her desk, Gail notarizes pay applications and waivers. She emails the documents to her customers immediately after the process is completed. She tells us, “Everything I need is right there. It’s makes things so much faster and convenient – I don’t have to drive anywhere, then scan in documents and send them off – I can be almost anywhere and as long as I have internet access, I can get this done quickly and move onto the next thing.”

In a few easy steps – uploading her document, connecting to an online notary agent, e-signing her documents, receiving the fully notarized documents back, then emailing them back to customers, Gail is done and onto her next “to-do” in no time. 

Compliant in all 50 states

GCPay’s online notary accepts documents from any state without any issue – it is compliant in all 50 states. 

The online notary service allows Gail to use it for other business and personal documents that she needs notarized, which is an unexpected benefit! 

Gail adds, “There’s really not an easier way – I think it’s pretty streamlined and simple. I would recommend GCPay to others.”

"There's really not an easier way—I think it's pretty simple and I would recommend it to others."
Gail Bloom
Office Manager
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