Having a good grasp on where your applications for payment are in the approval process is key to getting subs paid on time. GCPay provides our users with an easy to use dashboard so at a glance you can see exactly what has been approved and what is still outstanding and many other details that are pertinent to the application of payment process.  Reports can be easily exported to an Excel spreadsheet where you can further slice and dice your data any way you like.


Reporting includes:

  • Average approval times

  • Lien waiver status report

  • Retainage- detail of released retainage by month

  • Contractors billing summary report, summary of all billings through a given date

  • Accounts receivable

  • Accounts payable

  • Compliance, list all compliance issue across all jobs

  • Outstanding approvals- Knowing whose court the item is in within the approval process

  • Project contacts to see all contact information on any given job

  • User and permission level for your entire company