Collaboration & Compliance Cloud-based Solution Software

Set up compliance document requirements for your subcontractors upfront so you can stop worrying about work stoppage or delays.

Store all compliance documents in the cloud

Each subcontractor’s compliance documents are safely stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere.

Reject or accept pay applications in real time

Subcontractors don’t get paid for the work they complete—they get paid for the work they document. Fix errors in real time and easily approve payments.

Notify Subcontractors Before Compliance Expires

GCPay automatically notifies your subcontractors prior to, and when, compliance documents have expired. Easily ensure compliance submissions are accurate and up-to-date.

Critical Compliance

Manually managing compliance documents is demanding. With GCPay, you can securely store all necessary paperwork digitally and automatically notify your subs before documents expire.

Ensure Coverage with GCPay

Contractors track and certify that subs have the required compliance documents like insurance coverage, licenses, and permits.

You can require subcontractors to submit their compliance documents before payment is released. With GCPay, it’s easy to request and store compliance documents. The system automatically asks subs for their new licensing or insurance information when it’s needed. Once it’s been submitted, you can review the paperwork and store it with that subcontractors other documents in the GCPay portal for quick access.

GCPay is a great platform for payment tracking. I like the fact that I am able to track applications for payment, lien waivers, and compliance documents all in one location.
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Increase Jobs without increasing staff

GCPay directly integrates with your ERP and exchanges all compliance documents instantly.
Integration with your ERP can streamline compliance in your business by giving everyone from the project accountants to project managers continuously updated information.


Create dynamic rules and establish robust approval routing. Gain control of subcontractor payments.


Push application for payment information into your construction accounting system.


Streamline your process and keep lien waivers, compliance documents, and pay apps in one place.


Dome Construction

Since implementing GCPay, Dome’s processing time for payment applications has been cut down to nearly nothing. Invoices can be reviewed or submitted from anywhere. Not to mention the ERP integration that has made their processes smoother than ever. Dome no longer tracks down emails regarding change orders or compliance documentation. 

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Dome Construction